We did it! In less than 48 hours,
we reached our 1766-mile target!

Throughout the RoadPeace Challenge week of action – May 13-19, 2024 – emergency services, safer roads partnerships, schools, businesses and communities are running, cycling, walking or horse riding 1,766 miles to honour the 1,766 people reported killed on UK roads in 2022.
Thanks to the incredible support we have received, we reached our 1,766-mile target just two days in! But please keep logging your miles and let’s see how many collective miles we can cover


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Patrons & Advisers


Baroness Jenny Jones

Jenny has held several prominent political roles: Deputy Mayor of London, Deputy Chair of the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee, Green Councillor for Southwark Council and Chair of the Green Party of England and Wales.

She served on the London Assembly from 2000-16 where she worked on housing, policing and civil liberties, cycling and walking, road safety and the legacy of the 2012 Olympics/ Paralympics. In the 2000 to 2008 London administration, under Ken Livingstone, she was the Mayor’s Green Transport Advisor, advising him on sustainable forms of transport and Chair of the London Food Board. In 2004 she was named as one of 200 ‘women of achievement’ by Buckingham Palace.

When the Green party was offered its first seat in the House of Lords in the summer of 2013 Jenny Jones was at the top of the party’s selection list, the result of a vote by all party members. Jenny was introduced to the House of Lords on November 5th 2013, she took her title, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, from the council estate she grew up on in Brighton. She is the Green Party’s sole representative in the House of Lords.

Jenny has been a patron of RoadPeace since 2017.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Cox

Andy is a Detective Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police Service, and holds a Masters Degree in Criminology and Police Leadership from Cambridge University.

He is widely recognised within national and international roads policing, as well as by key road safety stakeholders, and the public. Within the sector, Andy is considered an innovator, and somebody who radically enhances the profile of roads policing.

He has changed the approach to this field of policing to being ‘intelligence-led’, targeting the roads, people and causes of greatest risk to the public.

Andy routinely features on mainstream television and radio discussing road danger, and often as a spokesperson for RoadPeace.

Over the last three years, Andy has completed a variety of endurance events to support RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, and in doing so has galvanised policing across the country and other emergency services to take part in the events.

So far, over £150,000 has been raised for the charity, and the event has secured widespread national media coverage. Andy’s aim is that with this challenge, he can amplify victims’ voices, and bring road danger reduction to the forefront of a national conversation. He is determined to stop needless deaths and injuries on our roads. Andy was named the UK Road Safety Leader of the Year in 2021 and 2022.

Professor Danny Dorling

Danny Dorling is a writer and academic. His latest books include “Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration—and Why It’s Good for the Planet, the Economy, and Our Lives (published in 2021) and  ‘Shattered Nation: Inequality, and the geography of a failing state’ (published in 2023).

Danny is Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford. He has also worked in Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds and New Zealand, went to university in Newcastle upon Tyne, and to school in Oxford. During his time as Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, with a group of colleagues, he helped create the website www.worldmapper.org which shows who has most and least in the world.

He has been a member of World Health Organization’s Scientific Resource Group on Health Equity Analysis and Research and a member of the advisory group of the Equality Trust. He is honorary president of the Society of Cartographers and a patron of RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims.

Danny has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 2011.

You can read PACTS’ 21st Westminster Lecture by Danny here: Roads, Casualties and Public Health: the Open Sewers of the 21st Century

Colin Ettinger

Colin Ettinger qualified as a solicitor in 1978 and was a partner at Irwin Mitchell. Throughout his career he has represented those who have been badly injured, having sustained injuries that have proved to be life changing events.

Colin has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1998.

Dr Mayer Hillman

Concern about oversight of the crucial links between transport, planning and environmental issues led him to complete a doctoral thesis on this subject in 1970 at the University of Edinburgh. That same year he joined the Policy Studies Institute (formerly PEP – Political and Economic Planning) and was head of its Environment and Quality of Life Research Programme until 1992. He is now Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Institute. His studies have been concerned with transport, urban planning, energy conservation, health promotion, road safety and environment policies, and particularly the implications of climate change.

Mayer has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1997.

Professor Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts is Professor of Epidemiology & Public Heath at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. His main research interests are the prevention and treatment of traumatic injury and the links between energy use and health.

He trained as a paediatrician in the UK and then in epidemiology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and at McGill University, Canada. He established and is co-ordinating editor of the Cochrane Injuries Group, an international network of individuals that prepares and maintains systematic reviews of the effectiveness of interventions in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injury.

He is principal investigator of the CRASH trials, large international randomised controlled trials that seek better ways to treat seriously injured trauma patients. The MRC CRASH trial, which included 10,000 patients with head injury from around the world, showed that corticosteroids, which were widely used in the management of serious head injury, did not improve patient outcome after head injury and actually increased the risk of death. These results have been incorporated into international treatment guidelines and have improved the safety of medical care world-wide. The CRASH-2 trial has shown that tranexamic acid, an inexpensive and widely practicable treatment, safely reduces mortality in bleeding trauma patients.

He is the author with Phil Edwards of The Energy Glut: the politics of fatness in an overheating world.

Ian has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1998.

The second gasoline war and how we can prevent the third

Dr Noreen Tehrani

Noreen Tehrani is Past Chair of the Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section of the British Psychological Society and has worked with various aspects of trauma for a long time. She was directly involved in dealing with 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks and has worked on the Shoreham air crash, the Westminster and London Bridge terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower disaster. She has also supported first responders and victims of a wide range of traumatic incidents including child abuse, murders, rapes, fatal accidents and road crashes.

Currently she is working with several police forces to reduce the incidence of primary and secondary trauma in police officers and staff involved in working in undercover operations, family liaison, firearms, road deaths and child abuse.

Noreen has written many articles, papers and book chapters including two books on trauma Workplace Trauma – concepts, assessment and intervention and Managing Trauma in the Workplace. She has also written two books on Workplace Bullying


Narinder Kapur

Narinder Kapur is a visiting professor of Neuropsychology at UCL and has been a consultant Neuropsychologist since 1980.

John Stewart

A former chair of RoadPeace, John Stewart is a transport advisor and campaigner. He has been heavily involved in campaigns against roadbuilding and the expansion of Heathrow airport.

Professor John Whitelegg

John Whitelegg is Professor of Sustainable Development at University of York’s Stockholm Environment Institute. His research interests include transport and the environment as well as the relationship between sustainability and human health.