Remembrance Resources

RoadPeace has produced a range of remembrance materials to help with the planning and content of your activity

WHO, FEVR and RoadPeace jointly developed a guide World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims: a guide for organizers, to provide practical guidance to people or groups on how to plan and organize events on this day. The book gives a brief history of the day, offers suggestions on how to plan the day and provides examples of specific activities that can be organized.

Also available:

  • A booklet of ‘Prayers and Thoughts’ many written by RoadPeace members
  • ‘Remember Me’ CD produced by the WarmTouch Group in aid of RoadPeace
  • ‘Remembrance’ – a anthology of poems, items of prose and sayings.
  • Posters and leaflets about WDR
  • Oak leaves which can be used as part of a dedicated act of remembrance

For copies of any of these call 020 7733 1603 or email info@roadpeace.org.

Remembering in your own way

  • Lighting a candle
  • Dedicating a bench, tree or memorial stone in a special place
  • Planting a tree in your garden
  • Compiling a memory book or box
  • Writing a poem in their memory
  • Holding a concert in their memory
  • Bringing family and friends together for an activity that your loved one enjoyed