We did it! In less than 48 hours,
we reached our 1766-mile target!

Throughout the RoadPeace Challenge week of action – May 13-19, 2024 – emergency services, safer roads partnerships, schools, businesses and communities are running, cycling, walking or horse riding 1,766 miles to honour the 1,766 people reported killed on UK roads in 2022.
Thanks to the incredible support we have received, we reached our 1,766-mile target just two days in! But please keep logging your miles and let’s see how many collective miles we can cover


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National Road Victim Month

Five people are killed every day, and over 60 are seriously injured.


August was designated National Road Victim Month following the death of Princess Diana on 31st August 1997, and to commemorate the first death by a motor vehicle – Bridget Driscoll in 1896. Since then, well over half a million people have been killed on the roads in Britain.

And over the last decade, the number of people killed on Britain’s roads has stayed at more or less the same level year on year. Five people are killed every day, and over 60 are seriously injured.

And whilst much more needs to be done to prevent crashes, this National Road Victim Month, RoadPeace and its members are rallying to raise awareness on the injustice that crash victims face, as well as remembering loved ones killed on the roads.

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Events during August National Road Victim Month

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