The aftermath of a road crash can be devastating. At RoadPeace we know that talking to someone who has been there can really make a difference. We help families cope with the trauma of road death and injury through our vital and expert support services, and our support really makes a difference.

Please help us to help others by making a donation to support our work. Your gift will ensure that RoadPeace continues to support families when they need it most.


Pays for us to send out an information pack to a family with guides and information on navigating the justice system


Pays for our caseworker to attend a meeting with the police or CPS with a bereaved family


Funds a place for a bereaved family member to attend our resilience building support programme


Pays for the operating costs of our helpline for a month!

Make a Real Difference

Surrounded by people who understood our experience we lost our sense of isolation and felt safe and comfortable supporting one another – Bereaved father

This support from like-minded people, who all share a common, yet tragic connection, makes you feel less alone on your grief journey – Bereaved partner

I lost a huge part of my life when my only son was killed in a car crash. I had no one I could talk to about what I was going through. RoadPeace was the only organisation that listened to me. Thank you for helping me to cope and deal with life after death – Bereaved mother

Having a befriender to talk to, who has been through what you’ve been through, is incredibly useful. It’s a slow process and won’t cure everything overnight, but it gives you the invaluable strength to cope. I’m indebted to RoadPeace and so grateful that they were able to support me – Bereaved

A Lasting Legacy

Could you leave RoadPeace a lasting gift to help us help other families after road death and injury?

Your gift will ensure that RoadPeace continues to support victims and their families when they need it most.

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