Our Vision

Our vision is for a world where road danger is not tolerated and where road crash victims receive justice and compassion.

We exist to support and empower those bereaved and injured by road crashes and their families; to improve the justice system’s post-crash response and to spare future generations from preventable death and injury. As a membership charity, we put victims at the heart of our work, equipping them to support other victims, campaign for change and shape RoadPeace’s work. Our work for and with victims centres around:

Our Values:

Our values underpin our actions as individuals and as an organisation. They shape our culture and guide our behaviours and decision-making.

1. We are victim-centred

We put victims at the heart of what we do. We are a membership charity and involve members and victims wherever possible, empowering them to get involved in service delivery, campaigning and decision-making

2. We are compassionate

We treat everyone with compassion and sensitivity to their unique experience and needs

3. We are collaborative

We work in partnership with and support other organisations, recognising that we can achieve more when we work together. We share our knowledge and best-practice freely with other organisations, campaigners and policy-makers.

4. We are evidence-based

Our work is grounded, in published research and official statistics, and informed by the experiences of victims, our members and those of partner organisations.

5. We are pioneering

We are thought-leaders, shaping the debate, and informing and inspiring other organisations. We are courageous and, when needed, willing to speak out on more radical or less popular agendas.