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The sudden, unexpected and traumatic experience of a road death or serious injury is overwhelming and isolating.

At RoadPeace we understand that talking to someone who has been there and survived can often provide a lifeline.

Talking to a befriender and connecting with others who have survived a similar loss can provide ideas for day to day coping strategies and glimpses of hope which can be practical in the extreme.

Addressing the symptoms of traumatic grief can build the resilience necessary to deal with the practical demands of the day to day.

Police investigations, inquests and court procedures which may follow are often unfamiliar and disorientating. Therefore clarification and guidance through legal processes can be emotionally sustaining.

Please use the links on this page to find out more about how we can support you.

Emotional Support

Our members tell us time and time again how talking to someone who ‘has been there’ can help.

RoadPeace helps bereaved families by providing peer support and connecting victims with others similarly affected whilst providing ways to cope with the aftermath a road death.

We offer support through our helpline, Befriender Service, Resilience Building Support Programme and Local Groups.

Sometimes when you feel alone and cut off from the rest of society it’s nice to know people from RoadPeace are always there to catch us when we fall – Bereaved Partner.

Navigating the Criminal Justice System

This includes the procedures involved in collision investigation, inquests and criminal prosecution and sentencing.

We offer support through:

  • Advocacy and Casework Support
  • Help with Seeking Compensation
  • The RoadPeace Legal Panel members

RoadPeace provided such expert and compassionate advice to me throughout our case. Without it I would have felt completely lost – Bereaved Partner.