Information on investigations, court and sentencing

Navigating the Criminal Justice System

RoadPeace helps victims by providing information on the justice system. This includes the procedures involved in collision investigation, inquests and criminal prosecution and sentencing.

We offer support through:

Advocacy and Casework Support

Firstly, they can be traumatised. No one is prepared for road death or serious injury. At a time of such severe shock, they deserve extra help, not extra pressure.

Secondly, they will be in unfamiliar territory. They are unlikely to have any previous experience with the police and criminal justice system.  Most will not understand what is involved in the work of police investigators or coroners or the time required.  Victims do not know their role or their rights.

Thirdly, they will be denied information. This is due to the policy/principle of “sub judice”.  The investigation and possible/potential prosecution takes priority over the needs of victims and their families to understand what happened.  Such “processing” is put on hold.

If you would like to discuss your queries with RoadPeace please call our helpline on 0800 160 1069.

Information Guides

We provide guides helping victims navigate the justice system—from investigation and inquest through to sentencing.

National guides

Knowledge is power. RoadPeace wants to help victims be informed and thus better prepared for the justice system.

Road death investigation guide for bereaved families

Inquest and road death

Sentencing Guide for Bereaved families

For advice on civil compensation claims, please see the section below entitled  “Help with seeking compensation”.

Local guides

In recent years, police and crime commissioners have begun funding local and/or endorsing local guides.


Road death investigation

Guide for life changing or life threatening collisions

Please visit our document library  to see other resources and information available.

Help with Seeking Compensation – RoadPeace Legal Panel

The RoadPeace Legal Panel aims to help and support people bereaved or seriously injured in a road collision by enabling them access to high quality legal advice and justice, including fair compensation.

The Legal Panel is made up of leading specialist personal injury law firms. Panel members’ sign up to an agreed set of qualifying criteria as a quality standard and sign of their commitment to road crash victims.

RoadPeace legal panel members make an annual charitable donation of £5,000 to RoadPeace to support our work.

RoadPeace works with APIL, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, who have produced a video highlighting the importance of using a specialist personal injury lawyer when making a claim for civil compensation.

Why you should use a specialist personal injury lawyer:

The need for the RoadPeace Legal Panel:


Road crashes have a devastating impact on victims’ lives. They cause deaths, serious debilitating injuries, psychological distress including post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of income and financial hardship.

In addition, people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes have to navigate a series of post-crash procedures including a police investigation, inquest and sometimes a court case, which can be confusing and traumatic given the low priority the justice system assigns even serious motoring offences.

Meanwhile low and age related bereavement damages and a fault based civil compensation scheme mean victims have to fight for compensation, while recent changes to personal injury law make it less likely that those who have suffered serious injuries through no fault of their own will be able to claim compensation and those who do will receive less compensation than they deserve.

Nothing can compensate someone for the loss of a loved one or a debilitating lifelong condition but accessing legal advice and representation can help support people through proceedings, access their financial entitlements and appropriate health care, and pursue a fair compensation claim.

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