Working for change

Campaigning For Justice

A small charity, founded by the bereaved and the outraged, our first priority has always been supporting victims. But to RoadPeace, support includes campaigning against society’s tolerance  of road death and injury and road danger.

Our members want to see lessons learned from their loss. They want to believe that their loved ones did not die in vain. They want to see others spared their suffering.

This means both fewer victims and an improved response by the justice system to deaths and injuries.

Most focus on the former with injury prevention. RoadPeace is unusual in its concentration on the post crash response by the justice system.

And change has started. WHO included justice related activities in their Global Road Safety Plan. Pillar 5 Post Crash Response contains actions related to investigation, civil compensation, support services, and calls for an effective legal response and justice for the bereaved and injured.






Our Justice and the Post Crash response work is organised by the key areas of:

      • Investigation
      • Inquests
      • Prosecution
      • Sentencing
      • Civil Compensation
      • Victims’ Rights

Key principles—RoadPeace believes the justice system should:

      • Treat road crime as real crime
      • Reduce harm posed to others, especially those more vulnerable
      • Mitigate (rather than aggravate) the suffering of victims
      • Increase public confidence and victim satisfaction in the justice system
      • Contribute to road danger reduction and road traffic injury prevention.