Resilience Building Programme

This is a trauma support programme for families bereaved by road deaths. The programme runs over eight weekly sessions in small groups with trained group facilitators and aims to offer families:

  • An opportunity to meet with others bereaved by road crashes.
  • Tools for understanding and coping with the reactions of your loss e.g. stress, negative thoughts, anxiety and distress, panic attacks, sleeplessness and nightmares.
  • An insight into how the mind and body can react to traumatic loss.

The programme is free of charge.

If you or your family would like to attend any future programme please contact RoadPeace via email at helpline@roadpeace.org or alternatively call the RoadPeace office on 0207 733 1603.

Independent Evaluation

RoadPeace obtained funding from the Ministry of Justice to administer an independent evaluation for the Resilience Building Programme. Please click here to read the summary of the findings: Independent Evaluation – Executive Summary

One of the best aspects of the programme is to listen to others in a similar situation and although everyone copes differently, all seem to experience similar feelings. It is reassuring to hear that we are not going mad and although life will not be the same, the black cloud will lift and there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel

Bereaved Partner.