Fix our Broken Justice System


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The Fix our Broken Justice System campaign was launched on BBC Breakfast, in September 2023, with the support of four bereaved families who shared their stories of loss at the hands of dangerous drivers, and of the lenient jail sentences that were handed down to the offenders. All of the offenders who killed these innocent people by driving dangerously had previous motoring convictions.

What the campaign is calling for

  • Longer sentences for dangerous drivers – Since July 2023, lifetime jail sentences can be imposed for causing death by dangerous driving. Given the long-standing issue of lenient sentencing, we are calling for greater use of these new powers
  • Lifetime driving bans – Courts have the powers to impose lifetime driving bans, so why aren’t they? Why should somebody who has killed on our roads through their reckless actions, ever be legally allowed to drive again? Driving is a privilege, not a right
  • Immediate suspension of driving licences following a fatal or serious crash – Agencies should have the power to suspend driving licences immediately after a fatal or serious crash until the conclusion of legal proceedings
  • Tighten the conditions for exceptional hardship – The exceptional hardship defence should only be granted in truly exceptional circumstances
  • Stricter and more robust system for drivers – Treat road crime as real crime. Ensure that dangerous drivers are dealt with appropriately at the outset and prevented from becoming repeat road traffic offenders
  • Put victims’ rights first – Laws must be designed with compassion for the victims and bereaved families, taking their rights into account, rather than the offender’s rights
Here, we shine a spotlight on the victims and families who have been failed by the UK justice system:


Sharlotte-Sky Naglis
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Lillie Clack
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Lisa & Paul Carter and Jade Mace
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Frankie Julia Hough
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If you would like your loved one to be featured in this section please email us info@roadpeace.org and include the following:

  • Their full name and age
  • Photograph
  • Circumstances of the crash – Including where it happened and when
  • The sentence received by the offender
  • How you were treated by the justice system