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Belina Rauli

Support Services Manager

Amy Aeron-Thomas

Justice and Advocacy Manager



Sara Dowling

Fundraising and Membership Manager

Annabelle Hunting

Office and Events Coordinator

Rachel Alcock

CLOCS Campaigner



Pj McGivern

London Traffic Justice Campaigner

Mark Aeron-Thomas

Office Volunteer


Brigitte Chaudhry MBE
RoadPeace Founder and President

When Brigitte’s only son, Mansoor aged 26, was horrifically killed in October 1990 by a van driver who had ploughed into him whilst driving through a junction with lights already red for a long time, she was shocked at the shabby treatment of his innocent death. Brigitte quickly learnt that the response to a road death, however blameless the victim and reckless the offender, was worlds apart from the response to a violent death caused by someone in other circumstances. She protested through legal actions in the High Court – eventually three judicial reviews over five years. She found other people who were bereaved through letters in newspapers and approaches to Compassionate Friends, and she documented their experiences.

These experiences made it clear that a grave injustice was being perpetrated and suffered. Together with some of the people she met, Brigitte decided that to challenge the casual attitude to road casualties and offer support to the victims, a dedicated organisation needed to be set up, since none existed and no-one spoke up for road victims. RoadPeace's first meeting was held around Brigitte's dining table in 1991 and the organisation began in 1992 with the first ever helpline for road crash victims, which she manned at the same time as developing the organisation.

As National Secretary, Brigitte has been involved with the day-to-day work of RoadPeace for 16 years, stepping down at the 7th conference in April 2008, which celebrated RoadPeace’s 15 years of pioneering work since its public launch in 1993. Brigitte’s engagement with RoadPeace continues in her role as president, but she is also working at international level for road crash victims: since 2004, she has been President of FEVR (European Federation of Road Traffic Victims) and in collaboration with the World Health Organisation she continues to develop and promote the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

For more of Brigitte's experiences read about how RoadPeace was founded in Hidden Victims and her speech at RoadPeace's 15th anniversary conference.
Hidden Victims - how RoadPeace began Past and future challenges - Brigitte Chaudhry speech to the RoadPeace 15th Anniversary Conference

Cynthia Barlow OBE

Cynthia's only child and daughter, Alex Jane McVitty, was tragically killed on 7 June 2000, aged 26. She was cycling in the City of London when the driver of a concrete mixer lorry turned left across her path.

Cynthia's experience of the investigation, inquest and the court procedings were painfully disappointing and isolating. She was compelled to carry out her own analysis of what had happened and drew her own conclusions of the responsibilities that needed to be taken by the driver and by his employer. She bought shares in the company and attended their Annual General Meeting, speaking out about what had happened to her daughter and offering suggestions for what the company should be doing to prevent further injuries or loss of life.

Cynthia's determination and courage was met by the company agreeing to work with her to improve their vehicle and driving practices. Since then, Cynthia has been involved in many areas of road danger reduction, but is especially engaged in the dangers of HGVs to cyclists and other vulnerable road users and the responsibilities of freight operating companies. You can read more about Cynthia's experiences in this testimony to her daughter - Alex Jane McVitty testimony
In 2011 Cynthia was shortlisted as an SMK Campaigner Award Finalist.

In 2014 Cynthia was awarded an OBE for services to road safety

Pauline Fielding

As well as being a Trustee, Pauline also co-ordinates the RoadPeace North West local group.

Read Pauline's moving story of how she came to be involved with RoadPeace: They Never Found My Sons Killer at

Vomic Nur Shah

Vomic is a seasoned corporate finance professional with a career spanning over 15 years in investment banking. Over this time period he has provided strategic and financial advice to boards and senior management in a number of sectors globally. Impressed by RoadPeace’s fundamental vision and objectives to provide emotional and practical support to road crash victims, and after over 15 years in the corporate world, he is now keen to contribute to charitable initiatives from a governance standpoint. His commercial and financial experience is directly beneficial to RoadPeace in the delivery of its charitable plans. As a RoadPeace Trustee Vomic will provide advisory services relating to financial planning and strategy, review of accounts, and cost effectiveness of operations.

Peter Wrench

Peter has experience of managing different sorts of organisations and of working with the justice system from a career in the civil service and a range of subsequent part-time roles. He became aware of RoadPeace when his daughter was seriously injured as a pedestrian by a speeding car in 2000. Fortunately, she survived – and went on to run the London Marathon on behalf of the charity in 2014.

Laura Middleton-Guerard

Laura represents the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers on the RoadPeace Board of Trustees. Laura is a solicitor in the Serious Injuries Team at Irwin Mitchell's London office. Through her work, she acts for victims of preventable crashes who have sustained life changing injuries, such as head injuries, spinal injuries and severe orthopaedic trauma. The majority of these injuries are caused by road traffic crashes, where the defendant driver was drinking, on drugs, distracted, speeding, not heeding to the presence of cyclists on the roads. This is the context in which she came into contact with RoadPeace. She is also a Board Member for Headway North West London, who support brain injury survivors in the Harrow/Brent area.

Caroline Lloyd

Caroline originally trained in supporting terminally ill cancer patients and their families in Texas in 1988. Since then she has volunteered in various pre-bereavement and bereavement roles for organisations in the UK including Cancer Research UK and Macmillan.

For the past eleven years Caroline’s focus has been on researching and supporting those affected by anticipatory grief and the bereaved. As a result, she has been volunteering for Cruse in bereavement support, support group facilitation, as a committee member and helpline volunteer.

Caroline has also undertaken specialised training to work with children and young people and traumatic grief. She is currently a Board Trustee and Lead Facilitator for the Resilience Building Programme with RoadPeace.

Caroline’s current focus is on completing a PhD in bereavement, delivering training on grief to professionals and running workshops. She was commissioned to write an accessible book on grief for Jessica Kingsley Publishers, which will be published in 2017.

Emily Radford

Emily is a HR professional working at the Department for Works and Pensions, providing strategic advice and support on people matters to the senior leadership team in Essex. She has spent the majority of her career as a Carer for adults with learning disabilities, and a Social Worker working with homeless teenagers and older adults (not at the same time).

Emily is proud to now be a part of RoadPeace, which she first became aware of when her childhood friend John died in a road traffic crash in 1998, and she saw the support on offer to his family. She hopes that her passion for Social Justice, as well as experience providing strategic HR advice, will support RoadPeace to grow, and provide support to the staff, members of volunteers of the charity.


Baroness Jenny Jones

Jenny has held several prominent political roles: Deputy Mayor of London, Deputy Chair of the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee, Green Councillor for Southwark Council and Chair of the Green Party of England and Wales.

She served on the London Assembly from 2000-16 where she worked on housing, policing and civil liberties, cycling and walking, road safety and the legacy of the 2012 Olympics/ Paralympics. In the 2000 to 2008 London administration, under Ken Livingstone, she was the Mayor’s Green Transport Advisor, advising him on sustainable forms of transport and Chair of the London Food Board. In 2004 she was named as one of 200 ‘women of achievement’ by Buckingham Palace.

When the Green party was offered its first seat in the House of Lords in the summer of 2013 Jenny Jones was at the top of the party’s selection list, the result of a vote by all party members. Jenny was introduced to the House of Lords on November 5th 2013, she took her title, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, from the council estate she grew up on in Brighton. She is the Green Party’s sole representative in the House of Lords.

Jenny has been a patron of RoadPeace since 2017.

Professor Danny Dorling

Danny Dorling is a writer and academic. His latest books include Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists and So you think you know about Britain?

Danny is Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford. He has also worked in Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds and New Zealand, went to university in Newcastle upon Tyne, and to school in Oxford. During his time as Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, with a group of colleagues, he helped create the website which shows who has most and least in the world.

He has been a member of World Health Organization's Scientific Resource Group on Health Equity Analysis and Research and a member of the advisory group of the Equality Trust. He is honorary president of the Society of Cartographers and a patron of RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims.

Danny has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 2011.

You can read PACTS' 21st Westminster Lecture by Danny here: Roads, Casualties and Public Health: the Open Sewers of the 21st Century

You can read Danny's evidence to the Transport Safety Commission's enquiry here: Transport Safety Management: Who is Responsible?

Colin Ettinger

Colin Ettinger qualified as a solicitor in 1978 and is a partner at Irwin Mitchell. Throughout his career he has represented those who have been badly injured, having sustained injuries that have proved to be life changing events.

Colin has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1998.

Dr Mayer Hillman

Concern about oversight of the crucial links between transport, planning and environmental issues led him to complete a doctoral thesis on this subject in 1970 at the University of Edinburgh. That same year he joined the Policy Studies Institute (formerly PEP – Political and Economic Planning) and was head of its Environment and Quality of Life Research Programme until 1992. He is now is Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Institute. His studies have been concerned with transport, urban planning, energy conservation, health promotion, road safety and environment policies, and particularly the implications of climate change.

Mayer has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1997.

Professor Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts is Professor of Epidemiology & Public Heath at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. His main research interests are the prevention and treatment of traumatic injury and the links between energy use and health.

He trained as a paediatrician in the UK and then in epidemiology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and at McGill University, Canada. He established and is co-ordinating editor of the Cochrane Injuries Group, an international network of individuals that prepares and maintains systematic reviews of the effectiveness of interventions in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injury.

He is principal investigator of the CRASH trials, large international randomised controlled trials that seek better ways to treat seriously injured trauma patients. The MRC CRASH trial, which included 10,000 pateints with head injury from around the world, showed that corticosteroids, which were widely used in the management of serious head injury, did not improve patient outcome after head injury and actually increased the risk of death. These results have been incorporated into international treatment guidelines and have improved the safety of medical care world-wide. The CRASH-2 trial has shown that tranexamic acid, an inexpensive and widely practicable treatment, safely reduces mortality in bleeding trauma patients.

He is the author with Phil Edwards of The Energy Glut: the politics of fatness in an overheating world.

Ian has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1998.

The second gasoline war and how we can prevent the third.
Is road safety being driven in the wrong direction?

Dr Noreen Terani

Noreen Tehrani is an occupational, health and counselling psychologist specialising in post traumatic stress.

Noreen has been a Patron of RoadPeace since 1998.


Nicholas Atkinson QC

Nicholas Atkinson was called to the bar in 1971 and became a QC in 1991. He is now head of Atkinson Bevan Chambers with his practice covering all areas of crime, including fraud and homicide.

Narinder Kapur

Narinder Kapur is a visiting professor of Neuropsychology at UCL and has been a consultant Neuropsychologist since 1980.

John Stewart

John Stewart is a transport advisor and campaigner. He has been heavily involved in campaigns against roadbuilding and the expansion of Heathrow airport.

Professor John Whitelegg

John Whitelegg is Professor of Sustainable Development at University of York’s Stockholm Environment Institute. His research interests include transport and the environment as well as the relationship between sustainability and human health.