We did it! In less than 48 hours,
we reached our 1766-mile target!

Throughout the RoadPeace Challenge week of action – May 13-19, 2024 – emergency services, safer roads partnerships, schools, businesses and communities are running, cycling, walking or horse riding 1,766 miles to honour the 1,766 people reported killed on UK roads in 2022.
Thanks to the incredible support we have received, we reached our 1,766-mile target just two days in! But please keep logging your miles and let’s see how many collective miles we can cover


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2018 Mansoor Chaudhry Award for Outstanding Contribution to RoadPeace

Pauline Fielding

Pauline Fielding is a Trustee of RoadPeace and also the Co-Coordinator of our North West local group, She became involve in RoadPeace  when her son Andrew was killed in a crash in Cheshire in 1994. The driver of the other car sped off, was never traced, and Pauline’s life and that of her family was changed for ever.

Pauline heard about RoadPeace, then a new charity, shortly after our launch and set up the North West Local Group in March 2000, she has gone on to help hundreds of families in the years since by providing support, empathy and invaluable practical advice.

Fifteen years on, Pauline still organises bi-monthly meetings which are held at Merseyside Police Headquarters and works in partnership with police, coroners, road safety officials and other charities.

Pauline was instrumental in the introduction of a six week Resilience Building programme in Merseyside in 2013 with funding from the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership and has recently introduced a drop in session for bereaved families.

In addition to the local support services, Pauline also introduced remembrance services in Merseyside for Road Crash Victims. This includes the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. She has also worked to help offenders as well as victims – she has supported the local restorative justice programmes in prisons and has worked to help offenders understand the consequences of their actions.

Pauline has campaigned tirelessly to make our roads safer. This includes her ongoing campaign to make the junction safer where her son was killed but she was also active in promoting the roll-out of 20 mph speed limits in Liverpool. Pauline was one of our members who met with Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999 in a plea to make roads safer for children.

Pauline is a regular contributor to the local media to raise awareness of RoadPeace, the devastation of road death and injury and to spread the message that any vehicle is potentially a killing machine where a moment’s lack of concentration can cause a lifetime of tragedy for others, and urging people who use the roads to do so as safely as possible.

As a Trustee and North West Coordinator for RoadPeace she ensures those who have lost their lives on our roads are never forgotten by arranging Ceremonies of Remembrance.

Pauline is a source of inspiration to the people of Liverpool, RoadPeace members and the RoadPeace staff and Trustee team. A natural diplomat and bridge builder, RoadPeace has been very fortunate to have Pauline as a member.