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Finding Support

The aftermath of a road crash is devastating. We help bereaved families cope and build resilience through our peer support, local group networks and trauma support programmes. We also provide information guides on navigating the justice system and help with seeking fair compensation for bereaved families and seriously injured victims.

For many years RoadPeace has been helping road crash victims find their way at a time when the simplest of tasks seemed overwhelming. We hope we will be able to help you too.

Campaigning for Justice

In addition to helping victims, RoadPeace works to reform the justice system. This includes both criminal and civil justice. We want our justice system to treat victims better and help make our roads safer.

Our work covers the key areas of collision investigation, inquests, criminal prosecution and sentencing, civil compensation, and victims’ rights. We monitor the developments, analyse the evidence and lobby for a justice system that reduces danger to us all and also complements the government’s ambition to get people out of cars and onto their feet and bicycles.

Get Involved

RoadPeace relies on the support of individuals and organisations to keep doing our work. Find out more about how to get involved here.

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About Us


RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims and is a membership organisation. Members include those who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes and also those who are concerned about road danger.