Members making a difference

RoadPeace members are part of a community determined to make a difference.

Many of our members have been directly affected by road danger, whether bereaved or themselves suffering life-changing injury. This experience can lead to a lifetime of tireless campaigning to prevent others suffering similarly.


In memory of Peter Price, and Georgina Johnson

Lucy Harrison and Elaine Gordon are campaigning to end the cruel practice of post-mortems.

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In memory of Caitlin

Sharon Huddleston is campaigning for the introduction of the Graduated Driving License as law in Britain.

Please support Sharon and her family by signing their petition.

In memory of Andrew

Pauline Fielding supports families in the North West through our local group and is campaigning to reduce road danger on the road where her son Andrew was killed in 1994. As she says: ‘I don’t want the same thing to happen to other people as has happened to us’

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In memory of Jason Mercer

Claire Mercer is campaigning against Smart Motorways after the death of her husband, Jason.

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In memory of Courtney Ellis

Angela Burke is campaigning to have all those that cause death by dangerous driving receive a lifetime driving ban.

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