The RoadPeace Challenge

The RoadPeace Challenge is an annual awareness and fundraising event that takes during UN Global Road Safety Week.

After three years, more than £120,000 has been raised for RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims and considerable public awareness has been raised around road harm.

Our mission is:

“To bring together all police forces, PCCs, the fire service, ambulance crews, NHS, doctors, nurses and other professionals who witness the daily devastation caused by road crashes in the UK, along with victims and bereaved families – to make a united stand against road harm to support Vision Zero.”

The RoadPeace Challenge is giving all supporters the opportunity to make a stand against road death and injury.

Every day, on average, around five people die and hundreds more are injured in collisions on our roads, destroying families and changing lives forever.

Road crashes should not be tolerated as the inevitable cost of motorisation.

Watch the round up of the 2023 RoadPeace Challenge below for more information