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How to set up an Online Fundraising Account Linked to the Andy Cox Challenge 2022 Page

  1. Go to the main Andy Cox Challenge JustGiving page at this link
  2. Click on the Orange button – ‘Start fundraising’
  3. Log into your JustGiving account, or create one if you don’t have one
  4. It will take you immediately to Step of 3, Check your details
  5. If you are doing this in memory of someone, tick the box and complete the details
  6. Amend your fundraising page web address if you want to
  7. Allow the page to claim gift aid
  8. Choose your opt in/opt out settings for contact from RoadPeace
  9. Click on Create your page
  10. Once you have created your page you will have the options to create a team (if you’d like to fundraise with others), and amend
  11. Once you have created the page you will then have the option to customise your page descriptions in line with what you are planning, as well as create a team. Team members will be able to connect their own fundraising pages to the team page.

Congratulations, you have created your Andy Cox challenge fundraising page and can start fundraising!