We did it! In less than 48 hours,
we reached our 1766-mile target!

Throughout the RoadPeace Challenge week of action – May 13-19, 2024 – emergency services, safer roads partnerships, schools, businesses and communities are running, cycling, walking or horse riding 1,766 miles to honour the 1,766 people reported killed on UK roads in 2022.
Thanks to the incredible support we have received, we reached our 1,766-mile target just two days in! But please keep logging your miles and let’s see how many collective miles we can cover


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Engaging with schools & communities

What? – An opportunity for police and local authorities to involve schools and communities in the
RoadPeace Andy Cox Challenge 2022. Read the full PDF here.

When? – Tuesday May 17 is ‘Schools Day’ – linking in with the main theme of the day – ‘Speeding and
20mph zones.’

Why? – Because in 2020, 41 children (age 0-15) were killed, 1,578 were seriously injured and 7,552 were
slightly injured in collisions on the UK’s roads. This is despite the restrictions on travel, school closures and
the requirement for the public to stay at home during much of 2020, to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

How? – The concept: Gather children and/or parents and teachers in the playground or school hall to
represent the number of people killed and injured on their county’s roads in 2020 (all casualties or just
children, depending on local figures). This would create a powerful image, which would really create impact
if many schools take part at the same time.

Promotion: Invite the local media to film or photograph the gathering & promote the campaign on social
media using the hashtags: #AndyCoxChallenge, #Schools, #Children and #TalkAboutRoadDeath

Who? – This concept could be incorporated as part of a school assembly or at drop off or pick up times to
raise maximum awareness. As a result, children, teachers, parents, and perhaps the community, will be
educated on the dangers posed by road crashes and the volume of deaths and injuries each year.
This week is also Walk to School Week, so the two campaigns will link in well.