PCC Election Campaign

PCC Elections 2021

Act on Road Danger: A Manifesto for Change

A coalition of campaign groups have come together to develop a manifesto for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections that are due to be held in May 2021. Our aims are to ensure that:

  • Local campaigners have the tools they need to raise tackling road danger as a priority with the PCC election candidates from all parties.
  • PCC candidates know what is required from roads policing to begin to give communities the safe roads that they need. A list of the PCC candidates and their contact details appears below.

We are calling on Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates to commit to:

  1. Make road danger reduction a priority
  2. Tackle speeding—the greatest threat
  3. Be transparent and accountable
  4. Work with your community
  5. Improve the post-crash response.

So please:

1. Download our Joint Road Danger PCC manifesto here

2. Use our quick checklist here

3. Watch our PCC Elections webinar

The PCC elections webinar was held on Thursday 21st January and was attended by more than 100 people! A full recording of the session can be seen in the link below

4. Contact your local PCC candidates to call for change

Information on current PCCs can be found here

Please find our list of PCC candidates for the 2021 elections and their contact details in the spreadsheet below. This is arranged by Police service area and is not complete but hopefully will help give you the means to contact some or all of your local candidates.

To download the whole spreadsheet click here

In due course, the full PCC candidate details are due to be listed on this website


Want to get involved with the campaign and organise action in your area? Contact victoria.lebrec@roadpeace.org