Radd Seiger joins the Board

Spokesperson for Harry Dunn’s family Radd Seiger joins the Board of RoadPeace, the national crash victims charity


  • Radd will work with RoadPeace to address two fundamental issues that the charity has been campaigning for:
  • the unacceptably high number of people reported killed and injured in road crashes nationally each year;
  • and the need to ensure that victims of road crime feel that they are at the heart of the criminal justice system


RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, are delighted to announce that Radd Seiger, the high-profile spokesperson for Harry Dunn’s family, has joined their Board of Trustees.


Set up in 1992 by a bereaved mother, RoadPeace represents the rights of crash victims and campaigns to reduce road danger.


Whilst there have been notable successes in this time, the devastation that continues to be caused by road crashes continues to blight our society which otherwise prides itself on having safe transportation systems on the rail and in the air. Whilst the incidence of road deaths and serious injuries were decreasing up until 2010, over the last decade they have flatlined stubbornly year on year. In 2019 there were 1,752 people reported killed on the roads in Britain which is more than homicide and terrorism combined. We must and can do better.


Like the rest of the nation, Harry Dunn’s case sparked outrage amongst RoadPeace members, many of whom have faced injustice following the death of their own family member. Many of our members had reached out to Harry’s family through Radd to offer their solidarity and equally Radd is also supporting a number of them through their darkest time.


Radd will be joining a group of trustees, the majority of whom have been personally affected by road crashes themselves.


RoadPeace are looking forward to working with Radd and tapping into his unparalleled expertise on risk management and risk avoidance not to mention his communication and campaigning skills and ability to work with members of government and politicians on all sides to reduce human suffering. As a lawyer, Radd spent much of his career dealing with the aftermath of many of our country’s worst road disasters.



Nick Simmons, CEO of RoadPeace, said


“Like many of us across the country, I have admired Radd’s passion, determination and fearless approach to ensuring that justice is done for Harry Dunn’s family.  They, like so many of our members have had their lives torn apart by a needless road disaster only to have the worst time in their lives compounded by not being treated fairly by the justice system.  All too often we see that victims of road crime are left without adequate support and without anyone to turn to if they do not feel justice is being done in their case.


Radd will be a real asset to our organisation and my colleagues and I are really looking forward to working with him.”



Radd Seiger said:


“RoadPeace are a fantastic charity and I am really thrilled to have been invited to join their Board. As Harry Dunn’s family soon learned following his death, there is currently a very real danger that victims of road crime will be abandoned by the criminal justice system or treated like lepers when the Victims Code requires the exact opposite, that they should be put at the heart of the criminal justice system.  Our modern society is better than that and unless we do the right thing for victims of crime, the value of living in a society is totally undermined.  I can’t wait to get to work with my new colleagues. There is much to do to ensure we see a reduction year on year of road crashes and we will be engaging with decision makers at all levels across the criminal justice system to put forward our plans to ensure that victims of road crime feel that they are being supported and that they are getting a fair crack of the whip at justice. Our immediate plans include meeting with Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, Priti Patel the Home Secretary, Robert Buckland the Justice Secretary and Dame Vera Baird the Victims Commissioner.