Have your say: Roads Policing

The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners has opened a survey for the public, to understand perception of roads policing and enforcement.

The 60-second survey will be open until 17:00 on Wednesday 30th September.


The Government is currently reviewing roads policing and what the future of traffic law enforcement may look like, and our responses to this will aim to help PCCs better understand the public’s views on road safety.

In 2018, almost 1,800 people lost their lives on Britain’s roads and over 25,000 were seriously injured. The majority of casualties on roads in England and Wales resulted from the ‘fatal four’ – speeding, drink driving, using a mobile phone whilst driving, and not wearing a seat belt.

Alison Hernandez, APCC Lead for Road Safety and PCC for Devon and Cornwall said:

“PCCs have a strong voice in local communities and are eager to understand the public’s views on road safety and policing our roads. This survey will allow PCCs to assess the strength of public feeling to make our roads safer and, I hope, give the Government the evidence it needs to act.”