RoadPeace West Midlands thank retiring FLO

RoadPeace West Midlands local group have presented WPC Tracy Herron, FLO for Central Motorway Police Group, with a certificate of appreciation to mark her retirement and to thank her for all her support and commitment to helping crash victims in the West Midlands.

Local group coordinator Lucy Harrison said:

Tracy has been a great support to our group – attending when she can, listening to feedback, answering general queries and doing her best to support victims as much as possible.  When Elaine and I were campaigning to end the cruel practice of second post-mortems she was so helpful and supportive – she made time to meet with us, and encouraged us as much as she could.  Tracy and the Central Motorway Police Group generally have also been wonderful in supporting our World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims service in Birmingham.  On a personal note – Tracy spent some time with me going through the evidence from my brother’s case and her kindness meant so much. 

 Tracy also supported West Midlands group member Elaine Gordon and her family when her sister was killed.  Elaine adds:

Tracy was my family’s police liaison officer.  She was such a huge help to our family when we were going through the devastating loss of my sister Gina.  She is what I feel all police liaison officers should be  – helpful, kind and considerate.  I felt that every time I had a question about something or something I didn’t underst

and, she was on hand to answer.  She’s been a great supporter to the local group and it has been very evident that she is passionate about ensuring that the voice of the victim and the family are heard.

West Midlands local group facilitator Jane Evans added:

In the early days of the RoadPeace West Midlands support group, Tracy was a very welcome constant support.  Her calm and reassuring presence was so invaluable in helping to create a safe and secure environment for those seeking help as they tried to come to terms with their loss. 

Tracy, pictured here,  said

I am very touched by the certificate from RoadPeace.  It’s incredibly reassuring to know that in spite of the terrible and tragic circumstances in which families meet us, we have a positive effect on their journey through the criminal justice system.  

You are all amazing and the support that you have put in place by setting up the local group, is essential for bereaved families.  You should all be very proud of what you have achieved. I wish you all the very best for whatever the future holds for you. 



With best wishes for your retirement Tracy, from everyone at RoadPeace.