London Mayoral Manifesto

As part of RoadPeace’s London Traffic Justice project, we have published a manifesto with asks for London mayoral candidates. Elections are this May, and RoadPeace is meeting with candidates over the coming weeks to ensure that they consider and include our asks within their manifestos.

London adopted Vision Zero in 2018, which RoadPeace is supportive of.

However, bold initiatives are required to achieve it. And even if Vision Zero is achieved by 2041, tens of thousands of Londoners are set to become victims. Our ten point plan calls for candidates:


  • Improve the rights of victims who have been injured or lost loved ones on London’s roads, so that their suffering is mitigated, and experiences learned from.
  1. Support the victims
  2. Survey the victims
  3. Count the victims


  • Reform traffic justice. Treat road crime as real crime, so that the justice system reflects the ambition of Vision Zero. 


  1. Treat road crime as real crime
  2. Invest in investigation
  3. Prosecute law breaking drivers


  •  Reduce road danger. Tackle danger at its source, so that less people are killed or injured on our roads.


  1. Reduce speed
  2. Reduce lorry danger
  3. Safe walking
  4. Embed Vision Zero


Read the full manifesto here

These asks will form the basis of our Police and Crime Commissioner manifesto which will be published shortly.

Want to get involved? You can contact candidates with our asks at the following addresses:

Rory Stewart (Independent)

Sadiq Khan (Labour)

Siobhan Benita (Liberal Democrats)

Shaun Bailey (Conservative)

Sian Berry (Green Party)