Police and Crime Plans

Action Vision Zero, 20s Plenty, RoadPeace and a coalition of campaign groups came together to develop a manifesto for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Elections that were held in May 2021. Our aims were to ensure that:

  • Local campaigners have the tools they need to raise tackling road danger as a priority with the PCC election candidates from all parties.
  • PCC candidates know what is required from roads policing to begin to give communities the safe roads that they need.

We called on Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates to commit to:

  1. Make road danger reduction a priority
  2. Tackle speeding—the greatest threat
  3. Be transparent and accountable
  4. Work with your community
  5. Improve the post-crash response.

Elections have now been held, and with the exception of Wiltshire, new PCCs are now in post.

Many PCCs endorsed some or all of our calls within their manifestos, but it is through the police and crime plans that a road danger reduction approach to traffic law enforcement, and an improved post-crash response, can be embedded operationally.

A review of previous police and crime plans conducted by Action Vision Zero, 20s Plenty and RoadPeace found that whilst over three-quarters of current police and crime plans (33 of 43) in England and Wales
include road safety within their stated priorities, the actions, indicators and level of detail vary

Much has changed, including due to covid and the increased demand for cycling and walking,
and the next generation of police and crime plans should commit to reducing road danger and
prioritise those offences which pose harm to others.

Our coalition of groups welcomes the opportunity to work with PCCs as they develop their plans over the coming months.

1. Download our Joint Road Danger PCC manifesto here

2. Use our quick checklist here

3. Watch our PCC Elections webinar

The PCC elections webinar was held on Thursday 21st January and was attended by more than 100 people. A full recording of the session can be seen in the link below

4. Contact your local PCC to call for increased priority for traffic law enforcement with the police and crime plan