FLO Conference

RoadPeace were really pleased to be at this years FLO Conference – the national policing family liaison professional development event that was held on 12th September at Spinningfields Conference Centre in Manchester

Our main objective was to ensure that Family Liaison Officers went away with more knowledge about RoadPeace and what we do, we have been attending for a number of years and it has been so encouraging to see awareness and respect for RoadPeace growing amongst this important community.

The greater the number and more effective the relationships that we can establish with FLOs as possible then the sooner we can be in contact and provide support to those bereaved or with life changing injuries as a result of a road traffic crash, helping more victims and taking some of the pressure off limited police resources.

Sandra Thurm and Nick Simmons attended, setting up and managing our exhibition stand. We wanted to ensure that as many delegates as possible received helpful and relevant information to take away with them and know in future how they could easily contact RoadPeace.

We also made sure that we obtained contact details for all the FLOs that come to the RoadPeace desk so we can follow up after the event, send any relevant information and keep in touch. As well as the material on our stand around all of RoadPeace’s activities including information about our local groups, we also arranged a leaflet drop by placing our national support leaflet on each delegate’s chair in the conference room.

It was such an important day and a real privilege to engage with so many FLOs who, without exception, were a highly impressive group of individuals doing vital and growing volumes of work with limited resource.

At the end of the event, we felt that it had been such a beneficial experience and that some important new relationships had been created . We really look forward to expanding and working closer with FLOs in the future.