Victims speak about road trauma during Vision Zero week

It has been one year since Transport for London (TfL) launched their Vision Zero action plan – a strategy to eliminate all death and serious injury on London’s roads by 2041.

This is a bold and ambitious plan which TfL should be commended for. In the first year since the plan launched, road deaths fell in London to the lowest level on record – from 131 in 2017 to 111 in 2018. This is still 111 deaths too many, and much more needs to be done to prevent future fatalities.

To mark the anniversary of Vision Zero, crash victims have been sharing their stories on social media with #KnowMyName. It is easy for society to not face up to road danger when casualties are simply statistics. It is much harder when those statistics become real stories.

Many thanks to the RoadPeace members who have shared their stories. If you would like to get involved, share your story on twitter with #KnowMyName.

The five Vision Zero advocate stories captured on video include:

  • Jack, who was walking with his friends when a speeding car hit them, killing two of his friends and leaving Jack seriously injured and having to learn to walk and talk again
  • Geoff, whose wife was killed when she was hit by a large goods vehicle while cycling six years ago. Watch his story here
  • Ronke, who was seriously injured and lost her leg, when an out of control driver careered onto the foot path and hit her while she was waiting to cross a road. Watch her story here
  • Sarah, whose mother died and two year old daughter lost her leg when they were hit by a bus. Watch her story here
  • A driver, who was involved in a collision which led to a person dying and the effect of this collision on their own life. Watch their story here