Road crash victims advocate for Vision Zero

RoadPeace have been working with Transport for London (TfL) on its Vision Zero strategy to eradicate road deaths and serious injuries across England’s capital. 

Launched in July 2018, Vision Zero approaches road danger with the view that no death or serious injury on London’s roads is acceptable, and sets out a plan of how to achieve this by 2041 

This is different to previous strategies which had casualty reduction targets; thereby suggesting that some death and serious injury is inevitable.

On 31 January, London mayor Sadiq Khan and senior TfL representatives, met with a group of fifteen road crash victims to understand their experiences and perspectives on road danger in London.

The victims ranged from people who had been recently bereaved, to people with life-changing injuries, and to those who have been campaigning for decades.

RoadPeace believes a forum where senior leadership can listen to those who have been affected signifies a step-change in London’s approach to road danger.

Victoria Lebrec, RoadPeace campaign coordinator and crash victim, attended the event and said: “It’s really refreshing to see those in charge engaging with people that have been directly affected by road danger. Meeting those that have been affected means the statistics become real – and that’s crucial in having the conviction to make difficult or unpopular decisions that put safety first.”

In 2017, there were 131 people reported killed on London’s roads, and 3,750 reported seriously injured.

RoadPeace will continue to work with TfL to ensure that this forum becomes a regular occurence, and that the voices of victims continue to be heard.