Community Speed Watch

We’re pleased to hear at RoadPeace that Merseyside Police are introducing a Community Speed Watch Scheme. Details for which can be found below.

Are you concerned about speeding and anti-social vehicles in Your Community?

Frustrated by pavements obstructed by cars?

Are you worried about your safety and that of your family, friends and neighbours?

Do you want to make a difference?

Merseyside Police are looking for volunteers to set up Community Speed Watch schemes in Merseyside.
Community Speed Watch uses hi-tech speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles, noting the registration number, make and model. They may also address pavement and school parking problems that affect safety.
Owners of vehicles detected by Community Speed Watch are sent a letter, advising them about their speed and highlighting the potential consequences of their actions. If the same vehicle is detected on a second occasion, a more strongly worded letter is sent and third time offenders will be dealt with appropriately by Merseyside Police.
Merseyside Police are looking for volunteers who are able to offer just a few hours each month to improving road safety and quality of life in their communities. After a vetting process, they will undergo training from Merseyside Police on how to use the speed detection equipment and operate their scheme effectively and safely. They will then be provided with hi-visibility vests and Community Speed Watch signs.
All Community Speed Watch operations are accompanied by a Merseyside Police officer or Community Support Officer (PCSO). Once the scheme is established there may even be the potential for volunteers to manage the administration of their own local operations with their local policing team.
Any local residents who are concerned about road safety or who simply value the community in which they live and would consider volunteering for Community Speed Watch in their local area, please contact Paul Mountford at the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership on 0151 777 7533 or email Please provide your contact details, including name and address.