CEMEX UK & RoadPeace join forces to make construction lorries safer

We’re proud and excited to announce that today we are launching a film we made with CEMEX UK, encouraging other construction companies to help reduce lorry danger. The video is aimed at the construction industry, highlighting the reasons why they should join the Construction Logistics and Community Safety scheme, or CLOCS.

Around 500 pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users are killed or seriously injured each year, on our roads, by HGVs. So, schemes to reduce lorry danger are vitally important. The CLOCS scheme sets out to ensure construction companies have the same attitude to health and safety onsite as they do offsite – and take steps to reduce the number of people hit. This could be by ensuring better visibility for the driver of the lorry, and ensuring a lorries route to a site doesn’t pass by a school or home for the elderly for example.

There are now over 600 CLOCS champions from the construction industry, but with almost 300,000 construction companies working within the UK, it is clear that many more still need to join.

To further demonstrate the need for CLOCS, RoadPeace is giving a voice to people who have been injured or bereaved by construction vehicles, as part of this campaign. The Chair of RoadPeace Cynthia Barlow features in the film. Cynthia tragically lost her daughter in a collision with a lorry, and is calling for operators to prevent more suffering.

You can watch the film here.

RoadPeace will also be writing to construction companies who are not members of the scheme asking them to join.