It's a crash, not an accident. End the language of denial.

"I can't help but get upset when people call a crash an accident. I lost my leg in a crash with a lorry. It was preventable - and even though driver didn't intend for the crash to happen, it was still his fault".

- Victoria, crash victim

Why is language important?

The term 'road accident' exemplifies society's tolerance of road danger. Too many still do not hold drivers accountable for their actions, implying instead it was a matter of chance. By using the word 'accident' - society is saying that there is nothing that can be done about these deaths and injuries, and they are an acceptable pay off for having motor vehicles. Planes and trains do not have 'accidents' - they crash. Changing language is vital to change attitudes.


We are calling on the media and authorities to stop using the word 'accident'. RoadPeace will be calling out all organisations who use the wrong language, using #crashnotaccident. We have created a campaign pack for anyone who wants to help stop the use of the word accident.