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Throughout the RoadPeace Challenge week of action – May 13-19, 2024 – emergency services, safer roads partnerships, schools, businesses and communities are running, cycling, walking or horse riding 1,766 miles to honour the 1,766 people reported killed on UK roads in 2022.
Thanks to the incredible support we have received, we reached our 1,766-mile target just two days in! But please keep logging your miles and let’s see how many collective miles we can cover


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Take Action on Lorry Danger

Between 2013 and 2015, 477 people were killed or seriously injured by an HGV on UK roads.

As central and local government are responsible for 40% of construction procurement in the UK, we need them to take the issue of lorry danger seriously.

CLOCS – Construction Logistics and Community Safety – is a scheme developed to improve the safety standards of construction vehicles on our roads. It ensures vehicles have the safety equipment required to protect vulnerable road users and that vehicles are driven with the right care and attention in areas with lots of vulnerable road users.

Help us to put an end to unnecessary deaths and sign the petition asking the Department for Transport to sign up to CLOCS:

Lorry Danger Petition

Geoff's Story

On the 16th October 2012, at 2:54pm, my life came to a shattering end. My old life that is, because on that day my lovely wife Hilary was run over and killed by a Heavy Goods Vehicle whilst cycling home.

We had been together, blissfully, for 45 years. My entire existence and reason for being were built around her, and the relationship which we enjoyed together. Losing Hilary was more devastating than I could ever describe, and the brutal way in which her life was ended drove me to total despair.

In all the photographs of us together, displayed around our home, I have my arm around her, protectively.

That was part of what I was there for, to save her from harm. Yet when she needed me most I wasn’t there. That really hurts.

Getting that awful news from the unfortunate police officer who had to deliver it pitched me into a nightmare world. I had to tell our grown up children what had happened to their Mother, and imagine what a terrible effect it would have on our grandchildren. Then I had to get the terrible news out to family and friends. All the time, consumed with a feeling of panic and desolation, I could hardly believe what I was saying.

Then came all the other depressing things that just had to be attended to. Speaking with the Coroner and police, registering Hilary’s death, arranging her funeral, and then sorting out our affairs.

I was in a very bad place. My mind was going off in all directions and I couldn’t imagine how I would carry on.

The Police enquiry has been long, but I’m pleased to say meticulous. In April, six months after the incident, they were able to send their accumulated evidence to the CPS, asking for them to consider a prosecution for ‘Causing Death by Careless Driving.’ It seems that they have a robust case, but I am still waiting for a decision.

My sincere wish is that the outcome of all that follows will go some way to diminish the risk that others will have to endure the same heartache.  Lorries with blind spots, high ground clearance without deflection guards, lack of driver training, inappropriate use in certain areas at certain times, etc, are unacceptable and should be the subject of legislation.

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Find out if your company has signed up to CLOCS:

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Visit our campaign page for more information about CLOCS and the impact of lorry danger:

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