Partnership with Child Bereavement UK

MILTON KEYNES- UK- 24th July 2019. Child Bereavement UK CBUK. Photo by Ian Jones

RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, launches partnership with Child Bereavement UK


  • Both charities plan on collaborating to share expertise in providing support for bereaved families

  • Road deaths are sudden, violent and traumatic. Requiring specialist support that is offered by RoadPeace

  • And as RoadPeace does not currently offer support services for children, the partnership will enable the charity to draw on the expertise of Child Bereavement UK – whose services will benefit the many children and young people affected by road death


RoadPeace is pleased to announce its partnership with Child Bereavement UK on 28 October 2020.


Both organisations are experts in supporting families dealing with bereavement, and recognise the importance of that support being offered.


Child Bereavement UK helps children and young people (up to age 25), parents, and families, to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies at any age.


RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, supports adults who suffer serious injury or are bereaved by road crashes.


In 2019, there were 1,752 people reported killed on the roads in Britain. 39 of those were children (0-15 year olds) and a shocking 248 young people (17-24 year olds).


The partnership will enable RoadPeace  to gain expertise from Child Bereavement UK in terms of the specific trauma inflicted by road death to enhance their support services for adults.


And whilst no data is recorded on how many children lose parents as a result of a road death, it is safe to assume that the numbers are very high. The 1,752 reported road deaths could each have left several children bereaved as a result requiring specialist support. Child Bereavement UK plans to collaborate with RoadPeace in enhancing its support services for children and young people who are bereaved as a result of a road death.


Nick Simmons, RoadPeace CEO said


“I am delighted that we have partnered with Child Bereavement UK who are a fantastic charity. Unfortunately there are may children left bereaved by road crashes every year in Britain, and the specialist support that Child Bereavement UK offers is vital in helping them to cope. In turn we hope to share skills, knowledge and experience to ensure those bereaved through road crashes receive the practical and emotional support they need.”




Ann Chalmers, Chief Executive, Child Bereavement UK said



– “Child Bereavement UK is pleased to be able to collaborate with RoadPeace, a charity which provides a much-needed voice for families bereaved due to road crashes.  We welcome the opportunity to work together to share our expertise in supporting bereaved families to enhance and complement the services offered by Roadpeace, supporting families who face the devastation of bereavement to begin to rebuild their lives.”



If you have been affected by a crash and would like to speak to RoadPeace’s support team, the helpline number is 0845 450 0355. You can find out more about the organisation by visiting