New information guides for road crash victims in London

RoadPeace knows all too well that the suddenness and unexpected nature of a road crash can leave victims both physically and emotionally devastated. Families and victims are traumatised, isolated and made vulnerable by sudden bereavement and life-changing injuries caused by road crime and thrown into an unfamiliar criminal justice system.

Even after the initial shock of this experience, victims can be re-traumatised by the lack of information around protracted police investigations, coronial processes, insurance claims, court proceedings, hospital and medical systems, and media attention.

112 people were killed on London’s roads in 2018, and 3,953 seriously injured (Transport for London, 2018).

Thanks to funding from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), RoadPeace has produced local information guides on road death investigation for families bereaved by road crime in London and for those left with life-changing injuries.

As well as MOPAC, we would also like to thank the Metropolitan Police Service and our members for their input to produce these guides.

Our information guides are freely available on our website and can be downloaded here:

Road death investigations in London: A guide for bereaved families

Road crash investigations in London: A guide for life changing or life threatening collisions

For hard copies please contact the RoadPeace office at