Nominate RoadPeace for the 2019 Helpline Awards

‘I don’t know where I would be if RoadPeace was not there to support me through this’

Bereaved mother

It can take anywhere between 1 day and 20 years for people to contact the RoadPeace helpline, but when they are ready to call us we are there to support them.

The RoadPeace helpline supports bereaved and injured people after a road crash. We offer emotional and practical support to victims, including signposting to other RoadPeace services. These support services include: the befriender service; Resilience programme; local groups; legal panel; advocacy and casework.

We are a member of the Helplines Partnership – the membership body for organisations that provide information, support or advice via phone, email, text or online. The Helplines Partnership host the Helpline Awards every year, so if you’d like to celebrate the RoadPeace helpline, then why not nominate us? Click on the link below to fill out your nomination.