How to support the Andy Cox Challenge 2022 – Corporates

By becoming a corporate sponsor of the Andy Cox Challenge, you are:

  • Helping to raise awareness that across the country 5 people die every day on our roads, and more than 60 are seriously injured, a needless statistic that doesn’t have to exist.
  • Directly supporting RoadPeace in providing vital support to victims of road crashes.

Find further information to the points below here.

  1. Create a JustGiving Account linked to the Andy Cox Challenge 2022 page
  2. Announce your support for the challenge by issuing a news story and/or social media posts
  3. Spread the word among colleagues inviting them to form a fundraising team
  4. Record a ‘We’re getting involved because….’ video and promote it on social media
  5. Follow the event social media accounts and share as many of our posts as possible
  6. Last, but by no means least, have fun with colleagues while making an incredible contribution to road danger reduction

You can find more details about how to get involved in the document here.