Lorry Danger Reduction Campaign

We are being told more and more to get out of our cars and take up walking and cycling. Whilst this has many positive outcomes, it also makes it more likely that cyclists and pedestrians will be injured or even killed in road traffic collisions.

We know there are a high number of construction vehicles involved is collisions with vulnerable road users, these are vehicles used on building sites such as cement mixers or tipper trucks.

For example between 2013 and 2015 - 477 people were killed or seriously injured by an HGV; 40% of these were pedestrians, 25% were cyclists and 35% were motorcyclists. It is believed that around 40 of these were due specifically to construction vehicles.

But there something that can be done. We want all companies or contractors using HGVs to be enrolled in the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Scheme or CLOCS.

CLOCS aims to change the way the construction industry manages work related road risk. This is done in three ways; by improving the safety of member’s construction vehicles, addressing the imbalance between member’s on-site health and safety measures and the precautions which should be taken off site, and encouraging wider adoption of best practise.

There are now over 600 CLOCS champions from the construction industry, but with over 300,000 working across the UK, there’s still a way to go.

RoadPeace have teamed up with Cemex UK to demonstrate the benefit of CLOCS for the construction industry and to call upon other operators to follow their lead.

Visit CLOCS website to find out more.

As we call for operators to sign up to CLOCS, we will also be working with others to encourage more local authorities and government bodies to become CLOCS champions. This will ensure that any company who works for these bodies would be CLOCS affiliated. More details about this will be available on this site from mid June.