How to support the Challenge

RoadPeace is a national charity that provides information and support to people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes. It receives no government funding and relies solely on sponsorship and donations to do this invaluable work. 

Every day, on average, around five people die and hundreds more are injured in collisions on our roads, destroying families and changing lives forever

In 2021 alone, 27, 450 people were reported killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads. According to Professor Scarlett McNally, Orthopedic Surgeon, NHS: “If these deaths or serious injuries from road traffic crashes were a cancer, they would represent the fifth leading new cancer diagnosis in the UK—with only prostate, lung, breast, and bowel cancer higher.


Here are some ideas to support the RoadPeace Challenge 2023:


  • Please make sure you’ve signed up to the RoadPeace Challenge
  • Make sure you’re following RoadPeace on social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • Regularly publicise your support for the RoadPeace Challenge on social media, accompanied by our hashtag – #RoadPeaceChallenge (editable social media graphics are available) 
  • Promote your support for the challenge and its aims via traditional media (template news release available)
  • Share and interact with RoadPeace’s posts about the challenge on social media 
  • Create your own video for social media  
  • Write blogs around the key themes and issues of the RoadPeace Challenge from your own viewpoint or around your own local road casualty issues 
  • If you’re an organisation, work with your marketing and communications teams and ask them to support your ideas and join our challenge meetings  
  • We have had some high-profile supporters in the past – Jeremy Vine, Vicky McClure, Chris Boardman, Dame Sarah Storey, to name but a few. Are there any well-known people in your area who may help us to promote the event? 


  • We’d love to see police, fire, NHS, ambulance, bereaved families and crash victims, campaign sponsors and members of the community teaming up to make a public stand against road harm 
  • Hold your own local or regional awareness-raising event during the week of action – May 15-21 – involving local crash victims, bereaved families, police, fire, NHS, public, media (Template news release available)
  • Don’t forget to keep us posted on your plans so that we can help you to promote your activities and inspire other supporters 


  • Building on the success of previous events, please help us raise even more funds this year, which will enable us to continue to expand and develop our vital support services.
    RoadPeace support provides a lifeline to families in crisis coping with the aftermath of a road death or serious injury.
    If you have not already done so please set up your fundraising page via this link.