Challenge news

Strong and driven women at the centre of major road harm campaign


Strong and driven women are at the heart of a major campaign designed to reduce death and injury on the UK’s roads.

United by their plight to reduce road harm, they are at the centre of the RoadPeace Challenge – a campaign that brings together the police, fire and rescue service, ambulance crews, NHS, doctors, nurses and other professionals who witness the daily devastation caused by road crashes, alongside victims and bereaved families.

To mark International Women’s Day today (March 8, 2022), the women, from a variety of backgrounds and areas across the UK, have joined forces to make a united stand against the unacceptable number of people who are killed or injured in road collisions in the UK… Read more


Forensic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction (FCIR) confirmed as principal sponsor of the RoadPeace Challenge 2023


We’re excited to announce that Forensic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction (FCIR) has been confirmed as our principal sponsor of the RoadPeace Challenge 2023.

FCIR specialises in the investigation of road traffic collisions, offering a range of expert solutions including collision reconstruction, vehicle examinations and expert witnesses. 

Mark Crouch, Head of Investigations at FCIR and former Metropolitan Police Forensic Collision Investigator, said: “FCIR are proud to be the Principal Sponsors for the RoadPeace Challenge 2023.

The support of those affected by road traffic collisions is close to our heart, having experienced first-hand the life-changing events that road traffic collisions can cause.  

“Sadly, as forensic scientists, our work revolves around the analysis of these tragic events, but supporting RoadPeace at this event allows us to contribute to their excellent work in their quest for making our roads safer for all.” ….. Read more


VICTIMS’ VOICE GUEST BLOG: How do you describe a girl called Lillie?


Lillie was a beautiful, energetic, bubbly 22-year-old young lady – not only was she beautiful on the outside, but she was also a pure and kind soul and her inner beauty shone wherever she went. The past year has proven this with the outpour of love for Lillie…

In the early hours of Christmas morning 2021, Debbie, Lillie’s mum, heard a knock on the door. Lil was still out and she naturally thought she had lost her key. As she came down the stairs, the shadow through the glass front door did not look like Lillie; it wasn’t. It was two police officers. Debbie doesn’t have much recollection of what was exactly said other than: “You need to come quick, Lillie has been involved in a collision and we need to get you to the hospital.” Deb turned to call for Lillie’s brother Michael who was already at the top of the stairs listening to the police officer. The panic rose between them as they gathered pyjama bottoms and keys so they could get to Lillie….. Read more