RoadPeace Online Memorial

RoadPeace has created a web page, made up of memorials and tributes to people who have died in a road crash.

The site provides opportunity for friends, families and communities to remember those they have lost. It also provides an opportunity for collective recognition of the devastation brought about because of the current dangers on our roads.

Sophie Jain Fletcher
Aron Lea
Jack Alan Green
Jack Bristow
Danielle heggarty
Eileen Elizabeth Sutton
Glen (Glenboy) Daly
Luke Warner
Kevin Jarvis
Kieran Rutter
Thomas Browne
Amy Savage
Isaak Chaab-Styles
Ashlee Rowland
Nathan Smithurst
Richard Wells
Simon Lindsay
Luke Gething
Mason Williams
Chris Barlow
Joshua David Porter
Lee Mortimer
Richard Watson (Watty)
Craig Marples

You can submit a memorial using the form below. Please note:

  • Please make sure you own the image you upload or have asked permission to use it. Also, for data protection reasons, please ensure the photograph only contains the individual in whose memory this is.
  • Please remember that we can only accept one entry for each person so do make sure that you are the right individual to do this.
  • All submissions will be moderated by our team. This process will be as swift as possible though may take two to three working days.

To read our privacy policy page, please click here.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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