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[Your Organisation’s Name] Supports National Road Victim Month 2024 to Highlight Devastating Impact of Road Crashes


[Your Organisation’s Name] is proud to announce its support for National Road Victim Month 2024 – An annual campaign highlighting the staggering number of people needlessly killed and injured in crashes on the UK’s roads.

The campaign, organised by RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, aims to raise awareness about the fact that:

  • Every day in the UK, five people are killed and around 80 are seriously injured, on average, in road collisions
  • Since records began in 1926, over 500,000 people have been killed in UK road crashes – far exceeding the 375,000 UK citizens killed due to warfare during the same period
  • The routine daily activity of driving results in more fatalities annually in the UK than both murder and terrorism combined
  • In 2022 alone, 1,766 people were reported killed and 141,560 people were reported injured in collisions on UK roads

National Road Victim Month, which was established in 1998 by RoadPeace, also recognises the work of the emergency services, who respond to road crashes every day, and highlights the mental and physical impact that road crashes have on them.

August was chosen to honour Diana Princess of Wales, who was killed in a road crash on 31 August 1997, and Bridget Driscoll, the UK’s first road crash victim, who was killed on 17 August 1896, in Crystal Palace, London.

At Bridget Driscoll’s inquest, the coroner reportedly said he hoped that “such a thing would never happen again.” Yet, tragically, since then UK road deaths have far exceeded half a million.

Nick Simmons, CEO of RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, said: “A shocking five people are killed and 80 are seriously injured, on average, on the UK’s roads each day. These crashes are especially heartbreaking because most of them can be prevented.

“Road collisions shatter lives and families, leaving behind a trail of devastation. For more than 30 years, RoadPeace has supported countless families through unimaginable trauma and grief following a road crash. They didn’t ever think that they would be a crash victim, but tragically, the reality is that it can happen to anyone.

“We are very grateful to [Your Organisation] for supporting National Road Victim Month 2024 and for helping RoadPeace to raise awareness about the many needless deaths and injuries that occur every single day on our roads.”

In [Your county/force area], there were [include your local casualty data] – Note local casualty and offence data can be found on the RoadPeace dashboard here: https://www.roadpeace.org/roadpeace-2022-power-bi-dashboard/

As part of National Road Victim Month, [Your Organisation’s Name] will be [List any initiatives such as awareness campaigns, memorial services, education etc]

[Name], [job title], [organisation name] said: [“INSERT QUOTE FROM YOUR ORGANISATION]